Thiesen Electronics GmbH - Pioneer of LED-Aircraft Lights!

LED technology has progressed in leaps and bound over the past few years. They are becoming the norm in aircraft applications due to their light weight, high output and low power consumption. German sports pilot and avionic enthusiast Juergen Thiesen’s newly developed aviation LEDs provide all these benefits, plus integrated "wig-wag" function (mechanical or electrical devices which cause a component to oscillate between two states) and automatic voltage overload protection within the state of the art, maintenancefree molding. This means reduced battery and alternator current requirements, as well as greater visibility to other airspace users.

The ELL80is landing light provides a powerful 150 watts despite its small size (80mm diam) and light weight (230 grams). With the new LED technology it gives off an incredibly white light using only approximately 10% of the input power compared with conventional lights. The casting in a high-optical plastic makes the ELL80 absolutely insensitive against water, vibrations and other environmental influences. The efficiency of the output is much higher than with conventional electric light bulbs. To avoid overheating, the heat balance is controlled electronically.

The ELL60 landing light, despite its small size (60mm diam), has an output equivalent to a halogen headlight of 180 - 200 watts. With its newly developed central cooling, where air is passed through the landing light directly to the heatsink, it is now possible to implement this high performance in a small space. Of course, because of its complete embedding, the ELL60 is absolutely vibration inured, as well as dust and waterproof, and can be installed anywhere on the aircraft. The ELL50L comes in the common 50mm diameter, with the equivalent of a 90W halogen, is completely dust and waterproof and can be mounted anywhere on the plane, even in the wheel pants. Each of these landing lights operates from 10-17 Volts DC.

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